Sunday, May 8, 2016

Life wins !!!

cracked open the ROCK !!
in your face hardship :D :D

Monday, May 16, 2011


It happens so often that we find ourselves puzzled by the questions like, "where do i really belong?" "where do i have to be?" "what is my place in the world?"
These questions puzzles most of us but only a few lucky ones actually figure out the answer, and i have heard that one who figures out the answers, finds a sense of direction, their passion in life and it eventually leads to true happiness n bla bla bla.

Well, even I succeeded in finding the answers but surprisingly instead of bringing true happiness n other crap to my life, this answer has brought me more misery.
I am sure, i didn't want this answer but still its out there in the open and no matter how much i wish i can no more deny it. For most of us this answer accompanies with a certain clarity about what path to take in their lives. But my answers leaves me with absolutely no path. what path should one take to reach nowhere? yes, thats my answer. I found out that I don't belong anywhere, nowhere. Its like am waiting at a railway station to not board a train and am just waiting. But why?? and till when?? I don't know..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

my first Squash game

i won i won i won!!!
yey !!!
tht too against a guy :)
bond hai hum toh, hehe..
okay, d truth is: it was 1st squash game for both the parties and I lost the nxt 2 matches but still bond toh hum hi hai :P

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trek to hemagiri betta

Starting from bnglr at arnd 6 in the morning, most of us were still half asleep..
n den it happened and all d sleepy heads were suddenly wide awake :P
one of the 3 cars bumped onto a boulder and tyre jst bursts..
Gosh !! wht an adventurous start of the trek :)
so we get down with tools n change tyre.. n guess wht? I helped :)

Anyways, aftr d delays we finally reached the starting point for our trek at arnd 10.30, it was so hot and dry.. we were on the verge of dropping the idea n getting bck as trekking in broad day light with sun high made no sense.. But den d mountain was too attractive to turn backs on, so we continued.. n am glad we did!!

Though the trek wasn't exactly tough, conquering the rough rocky terrain was one of the experiences we surely wud cherish for long..The mid-day sun was hot but the cool breezes made it perfect!! with no vegetation around,and even the small shrubs burnt, it presented a dead desert like, picture perfect image for photography lovers..

Thanks guys for planning this up n den messing up the plan n eventually converting an early morning trek to mid-day trek..Certainly a different kinda experience :P